This report looks at the changing attitude and behaviour to meal delivery services/takeaways as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Read more about shoppers planning to follow flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets this year.


This report looks at the changing attitude to meal delivery services/ordering takeaway deliveries. This includes; future intentions to order a meal delivery service, the different types of meal delivery services and who are most likely to order them. How many shoppers are spending more/less on takeaways, how many are buying them more as a treat and willingness to order takeaways from new places.
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In this report we look at what are the big health trends that kick off in January including giving up alcohol/dry January, trying out veganism/plant-based diets, vegetarianism or opting for a flexitarian diet for the month of January. We explore how many shoppers started and maintained a vegan diet in January. We also look at the most popular health focused products shoppers are interested in e.g vegan/plant based, gluten-free and reduced sugar. And reveal where health and ethics appears in the top motivations for New Year’s resolutions.

Our latest data exploring shoppers' missions on their last shopping trip.

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