In the second of our deep dives into our future shopper mega-trends, we explore the detail behind the trend towards social consciousness.

Read our blog using our latest shopper data around attitudes to health


In this report we take a deep dive into health:
  • Explore shoppers attitudes to health
  • Identify health priorities and how they differ by age
  • Uncover shoppers interest in new health trends and products and shoppers different dietary requirements and ways of eating
Part two of this series, this report looks at the drivers behind plant-based diets, as well as the barriers to following one. It also investigates what shoppers want from retailers and manufacturers to support them following a plant-based diet.
Following on from last year, this is an updated look at shopper attitudes to plant-based diets. Part one of two, updating the figures, information and context that we provided last year to see what has changed and why.

Our health, nutrition and ethics data includes shopper priorities across these three issues as well as trust levels.

Hear IGD future thinkers Toby Pickard, Vanessa Henry and Chris Irish discuss the global retail trends we expect to see in 2019.

Latest research looking at attitudes towards fibre, barriers to purchase and the most compelling messaging to drive more fibre consumption