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See our latest update about how shoppers are using different channels to complete their shopping missions  over the course of August.

With shopping habits continuing to adapt to the external environment see the latest channel trends.


We kick off 2021 with our first monthly ShopperVista update- a one-stop report for the latest shopper insights.
At the end of lockdown 2.0 we explore the latest insight on shopper behaviour looking at changing channel usage, number of channels and stores used, channels mainly used, changing shopping missions and store choice drivers.
Half-way through the second national lockdown we explore the five recent changes in shopper behaviour we have seen in our ShopperVista data looking at changing shopping missions, changing channel usage (online, convenience, larger stores, food and variety discount and food-to-go) store choice drivers, number of stores and channels used and those channels mainly used.

The latest data on shoppers’ approach to multichannel shopping.

We round-up some of our most popular reports from H1

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