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In this report we look at how food discounters are central to the shopping mix for families and how they are appealing to families.

Maximise your opportunities to trade with Aldi by better understanding its shoppers


We kick off 2021 with our first monthly ShopperVista update- a one-stop report for the latest shopper insights.
In this report, we shine a spotlight on the Lidl shopper and ask three questions: - Who are they? How old and affluent are they, what region are they from? - How do they shop? What channels do they use, what missions are they on, the role of value and own label? - What matters to them? Healthy eating and openness to vegetarian foods.
In this report we take a closer look at the Aldi shopper; who are they, how they shop and what matters to them.

With shopping habits continuing to adapt to the external environment see the latest channel trends.

Maximise your opportunities to trade with Lidl by better understanding its shoppers

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