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The third installment of our cost-of-living series explores developments in price and promotional strategies and what matters to shoppers.
The latest data on shoppers’ approach to multichannel shopping.
This report uncovers the key changes in shopping behaviour from each channel. Read it alongside our trended data report to gain a full picture of shoppers in the latest quarter.
Download this report to access, explore and interact with all of our quarterly data. This report should be read alongside our Q2 2023: quarterly channel trends report to gain a full picture of shoppers in the latest quarter.
Find out how shoppers behaved in the first quarter of 2023.
We take a closer look at the Amazon shopper. Who are they, how do they shop and what matters to them?
Our final quarterly channel update for 2022. We explore how shoppers behaved across the channels in the run up to Christmas.
Discover all our reports and coverage on the fast growing and disruptive quick commerce channel. Understand all our insights on how suppliers can and are engaging with the channel to win.
Following our quick commerce series last year, we explore how the delivery channel is used for foodservice. Using a diary study, we dive into the foodservice delivery missions, including when customers are ordering, the cuisines they are ordering and how much they are spending.
The cost-of-living crisis provided shoppers with a different challenge this Christmas.