COVID-19 how to guides

n this section, you will find practical inputs to support you through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Use this content to identify key skills and capabilities you may need, and to understand processes and choices to maximise availability.


This report explores the concept of demand forecasting. Precisely, the report looks at types of forecasting, forecast error measures, and details the challenges that forecasters might encounter.
This report provides a definition of demand planning, and other adjacent concepts such as demand management and demand forecast.
We look at the importance of inventory and how it can, if effectively managed, directly influence business objectives and decisions – from sales to waste, to cash flow and investment. We explore the five ‘levers’ that retailers can pull to adjust inventory to meet objectives: * Warehousing and distribution * Ordering and lead-time * Range and merchandising * Management and ownership * Forecasting and promotions Finally, we highlight some of the leading-edge inventory management techniques and processes: * Coded inventory responses * Stockless distribution * Automated inventory management * Integrating suppliers
The Supply Chain Analysis team provides you with a definition of S&OP, highlights its potential benefits and offers you a guideline on how to best implement it. Precisely, we look at how this process can bring alignment between different business functions and transform how a business is run. We also explore the potential benefits of S&OP, which range from improved forecast accuracy, to a reduction of inventory and costs to an improvement in customer service. Finally, we offer a multi-stage process that enables you to implement S&OP and underscore the things to watch out for throughout the implementation process.