COVID-19 reports

Access our in-depth Coronavirus (COVID-19) insight reports. The insights in this section cover the whole food and grocery supply chain from manufacturing and logistics to retailing and the shopper perspective.



We revisit the shoppers of our time to see how their food and social lives have changed as a result of COVID-19 - particularly amongst the youngest.
Our quarter 1 2022 deep-dive report looks to the future and predicts what shopper behaviour we expect to see moving beyond the pandemic.
We investigate how shoppers are planning to eat out as Covid restrictions lift and the cost of living rises and what this means for the eating out sector and retailers.
Understand the attitudes and behaviours of shoppers from 13 different convenience store retailers and how this has changed over the last year.
This report looks at how shoppers intend to use different channels in the next 2-3 years including supermarkets, hypermarkets, online, online quick commerce, variety and food discounters and convenience.
How do you tailor your plans to cater for different shopper missions across different channels? Find out more in our latest multichannel report..
With COP26 underway, get an up-to-date view on shoppers concern for the environment when food and grocery shopping and how they have responded to rises in living costs in our latest monthly update.
Get an up-to-date accurate picture of multichannel shopping attitudes and behaviours and how it compares to before the pandemic.
With the cost of living rising, see how spending priorities and savvy shopping tactics are changing
We take a closer look at the Co-op shopper; who they are, how they shop and what matters to them and how this has changed over the last year